I’m In Love With #LikeAGirl Campaign

Alright, let’s first agree on something here. our society is horrible in the sense that we make our daughters, sisters, mothers and female friends listen to us (men) telling each other “don’t be a p***y!” or “you look like a girl” or “men don’t do that” and I can go on and on from life examples that I hear my friends saying and even catch myself doing it sometimes (I do try to limit that, unfortunately I have grown in this society). ever asked yourself why you do that? even you females fall into this, you stereotype yourselves and I hate that even more, because it will never stop until we all, males and females decide to stop it.

Just because our world revolves around power and money, doesn’t mean that women are less strong.. I am an Arab and we get to learn that being physically strong alone is not enough, you need to have the courage and to be strong on the inside to actually survive in life. why can’t we apply that to women? I have seen women that are more courageous that many men I know, women that fight for their rights and for others, while men sit and watch. There are women not only courageous than men, they are also stronger (yep, stronger). A woman that has a black belt in Karate can beat 3 men up one time (bam!) and she won’t have to lose her femininity just because she can kick well.

I love video gaming but, all the women that play tennis, soccer, volley ball and so on are a lot better and have healthier lives than we are. I think the image of women is slowly changing and women have the freedoms to do more things than they were able to do according to society. But, perhaps men are still trying to pull women back because we are jealous that we have evolved to the lives we live now but are stuck in it for a while and women are on track, catching up and perhaps taking over in the future?

By: Almustafa M. Khalid

P.S here is a great video to break the stereotype. 



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