A Year In Seven Paragraphs

Does the concept of time appear very arbitrary to you at times? It certainly does to me. Why do we have 365 days in a year? 24 hours in a day? Why are months different in length? Blame it partially on physics, partially on the evolution of history, in the end a clear structure and division of time helps us to plan, manage and organize life.

The time division system we humans created for ourselves serves as orientation in the continuous flow of events. In which year did I first go to kindergarten? When did I graduate from high school? When did we go on that trip to Italy again? Temporal orientation is understanding developments of trends that shape the present and it is about planning the future that lies ahead of us. From the certainty of past events we can draw potentious help for our future endeavours. We can figure out the possible and the desired.

Even though the recapitulation is a flowing process for me, I find myself analyzing past, present and the potential future at many points throughout the year. A year’s end is particularly useful in determining setbacks, lessons learnt, achievements and our growth as a person overall. For me, three things stood out this year and have had an impact in different ways:

When I finished my fourth semester in May, I set off to make all the way from Spain to my hometown in Germany with my boyfriend in my little blue Peugeot 206. We made a total of 3000 kilometer during that journey but that number fails to illustrate the wonderful encounters we lived on the trip. A bakery on the outskirts of Nîmes with a lovely lady giving us two pastries for free. A bed and breakfast on the way to Nice, lovingly decorated and held in family hands. The best Austrian dinner with ‘Gemüse Gröstl’ close to Innsbruck. There are many great people you meet on the way that teach you a lot about the simple things in life.

In summer we had our first ever real family reunion with people gathering together that are currently living in Vienna, New York and other places in this world. People that I would have never known belong to my family had I not met them for the first time during that weekend. I got a complete new view on all these generations that I share the same ancestors with.

Lastly, my internship during summer helped me greatly narrow down my professional ambitions. It has always been difficult for me to exclude options with the decisions I take but that particular working experience finally gave me an idea of what I am really passionate for.


How was your year? What are the things you will carry with you and maybe end up telling your grandchildren one day?

Svea Freiberg
#Team Skies

* This is a sneak peak of the upcoming December issue of the Magazine. Stay tuned!



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