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If you want to find out about the newest pending fashion news, trends and events, then Independents Skies Magazine has made it possible for you to gain your own fashion sense and inspiration.

Independent Skies Magazine is a global and culturally diverse magazine and so is fashion. Fashion is a platform in which constant change frequently occurs. New styles evolve through fresh innovative designers with new skills and expertise, creating an experience through fashion.

Fashion is a passionate form of defining cultures, societies and individuals; everyone has their own style, their own sense of who they would like to be in our continually growing environment.

Fashion is an eclectic unbelievably 
fascinating inspiring piece of art. It is what defines people at first sight. Of course there is more to every individual than the outer appearance, but what and how one wears a fashion item is eye capturing and awakes an interest in everyone. No matter if Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs or Zara, H&M and even unknown designer, fashion is for everyone. Understanding the complexities it withholds is an

Independent Skies magazine- fashion will inspire you by presenting fashions newest, oldest, trendiest, craziest trends combined with tips to non affordable and affordable chiqué fashion, but most importantly enabling you to discover new possibilities and to have fun with what you wear.

By: Shannon Schöttle



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