Is Trump The End of America?

The world is going crazy in the first week of Donald Trump having taken the throne. While some are calculating how much he has left in office, others are going wild sharing every little thing on facebook (well, to be fair the guy seems busy, if you search google with his name he is making news every few hours…) and yet others started protesting in and outside the USA. At the same time, I don’t see many people going into the overarching issue, which is to constructively analyse if Trump is going to make a good or a bad President.

Yes, he has signed some outrageous orders that are making a lot of people think it is the end to all (or maybe just the end of modern day America). However, I have yet to see, from my American friends to friends in general that care about American politics, someone that goes beyond topics which will directly affect them. Trump has signed so many orders that the average person is too busy to comprehend. Most importantly, he has signed an anti-abortion order, vetting order to not allow anyone (refugee or tourist) from Muslim majority countries such as Iraq, Somalia and Syria to enter the US. And the list goes on. Again, we are all informed about what he is doing… But, the main thought of this article is if he will make a good president or not.

Before we get into that, we need to distinguish between America and American people. The American people are very diverse and they also subdivide into various kinds of people. But, if I may assume; there are the people of color and some nice white people on one side and Trump supporters on the other. America the country however, is an entity where all these people belong together and collective decisions for the whole nation are made by the government (duh!).

The best we can do to judge the president is judge him objectively. Trump took power because of a complete democratic election (The Electoral College is part of American Democracy). He has promised to do things and was elected on the basis of these by half of the voters. Thus, his job is to do what he was elected for, whether it is positive or negative.

At the end of the day, we can all argue about what is ethical or not. But, in terms of making “America Great Again!”, he certainly is working on getting America back on track to their super power position. If we go a little bit into the past, the George W. Bush administration ruined both, foreign and internal policy. Someone like Barack Obama had been needed to fix things up from economy (which he did) to foreign relations (hmmm debatable, but certainly better than Bush). But during the Obama administration, Iran became a world power, so did Turkey. Not to mention the open door to China and Russia that became even more involved in world events from Africa to the Middle East. So, the whole wall building on the Mexican border, for instance, is not more that a muscle flexing show to pick on someone not so violently yet still look very strong and send an image of a DOER (Isn’t that how the American Dream achieved?).

My dear Americans, this Presidency term is not for you, it is for the system. Many people are going to be affected by this, inside and outside the US in many negative ways, but this term is made to (unfortunately) continue the human thirst for power and money which leads to America being “Great Again”.

Having said all the above, I have to admit that speculating in politics is quite wrong because there are in fact many variables that we do not know about. Just like how most of us were wrong in thinking that Hillary Clinton was becoming President, our analyses and forecasts often prove wrong. However, this must not discourage us from thinking, trying to put the puzzle pieces together and developing our thoughts as events unfold.

“One thing we’ve learned is that when people, especially politicians, start making decisions based on a reading of their moral compass, facts tend to be among the first casualties.”
― Steven D. Levitt, Think Like a Freak

Almustafa Mahmoud


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