It is your fault


How many times have you felt hurt? I do not mean physically but rather emotionally hurt. The type of feeling that you get when someone you love disappoints or betrays you. Tell me, how many times have you felt like that? How many times have you cared so much about someone and that person answers with pain? How many times have you cried and felt dejected? How many times have you lost your confidence in humanity and felt completely lost? How many times have you experienced how a friend turned his back to you? I know, people are not always what we expect and behave in certain ways that we cannot understand. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: It is YOUR fault!


We, humans, since the very first moment that we are born, we are allocated a path. Each path is unique, thus completely different. Along the course we will meet a wide range of people. Many of them will win a spot in our heart and lives. We will create connections with these individuals. Some of them will be family, others will become friends and others even lovers. We start building bonds since the moment that we first meet them and as long as time goes by, trust continues to increase. However, many times some of these people fail us. It is something extremely ordinary that we constantly have to deal with, but… is it really that simple? These are the situations when you feel nothing but hurt, betrayed, appalled and downcast among many other adjectives that could be summed. We tend to look for someone to put the blame on to and funnily, it is always the other’s fault. WRONG!


You, and only YOU are responsible for someone hurting or letting you down. Why? The reason is simple: Because only you are responsible of the people you want to maintain in your life. Put it in a different way, we are given a path and people will appear in it randomly. Each of the individuals has a purpose to accomplish and once they reached it, it is time for them to fly. Here is where our culpability relies. WE force them to stay! We cannot imagine a life without that person that touched our heart and soul and even if he wants to leave… We do not allow him. We look for excuses and recreate ourselves in the extreme suffering that we have to deal with. We see ourselves as victims rather than culprits. It is our fault. We prevent them from flying from our lives even if their mission in it has just ended. Do not let anyone let you down, because you are the only responsible for that. Stay strong, keep walking and assume that while some people fail you… others are worth walking with.


By: Celia de la Hoz



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