It’s beginning to look a lot like…

No, not Christmas.

While the Christian world is getting ready for the Christmas season – a time to celebrate family, friendship, togetherness, love and understanding – much of the rest of the world is far from celebrating.

We see war, we see despair, we see poverty and we see people losing hope. It’s happening abroad, but it is also happening in your own vicinity. This Christmas try not to think only about your own good, but about the others’ too. Look for ways to help, as little or as much as you can. As my favourite quote reads, ‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’. Take it as your guiding principle (not only for this season, but generally, in life) and the world will surely become a better place – for all.

For those lucky enough (and celebrating), Merry Christmas filled with peace, happiness, health and good deeds! For those caught somewhere in between – we will make sure that soon you will get to celebrate with us in the same way, nevermind your background.

Ioana-Alexandra Tache

*Let’s not only pray for the world, let’s help the world.

Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Libya, Lebanon, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Iran, Israel, U.S., Palestine, Malaysia, Yemen, Somalia… and unfortunately, many more.


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