It’s Monochrome Time



So let’s stop talking about theory and start talking about what everyone is embracing right at this moment: MONOCHROME. The 1960s craze about monochrome fashion wear is back again, but in a new more elaborateand imaginative way. Although it might often remind us of Cruella de Ville, she exactly portrays what the contrasting black and white look wants to signify, a strong, confident and powerful individual. Just for this sake lets forget that she is a villain. Today it’s all about making a cosmopolitan aura behind the image of black and white, by merging the vintage style of the 1960s with a modern appeal of clothing for both women and men today.

6a00d8341c301153ef01156fc3a413970c-450wi “Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty: they are in perfect harmony” (Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel)

Coco Chanel’s chic, simple and elegant ‘little black dress’ is one of the most sought after black & white fashion items, although its original purpose wasn’t for the monochrome era, we so often associate it to the simple fashion style. Of course there is no better iconic black & white figure than Karl Lagerfeld, with his signature black & white suit, who embraces monochrome to the fullest, inspiring many other designers of the 20th century.


Hugo-Boss-suitsYes, women are always told we live in a men’s world and in the case of monochrome, we are going to let it count. Fashion designers were originally inspired by the black and white simple and narrow men’s suit. But we live in the present, and in the present the modern timeless look can be pulled off by both men and women. The dramatic contrast of black and white, blurs the line between femininity and masculinity, creating a symbol of a strong and confident individual. The tailored black and white clothes show off the feminine body, by creating lines and shapes that enhance every detail of ones appearance.


1006025_546568142045122_866932322_nMonochrome is a lesson in an effortless chic yet glamorous style that everyone can simply pull off. The classic clean fashion style suits everyone. The standout trend is featured by every designer, whether it is Jil Sanders minimalist aesthetic, Missoni’s pattern integration, Sportmax dramatic splashes and monochrome tints or Karls emphasis on geometric shapes for Fendi. Even designers for Zadig & Voltaire, Maje, Sander as well as Zara and H&M are basing their trends on an affordable line of monochrome  fashion wear.
The 1960s inspired silhouettes are everywhere. The Twiggy trend is back and everyone is creating their own style around it, whether pairing it with lace, graphics, abstract prints or bold lines, stripes and shapes the monochrome trend stands out.

Monochrome is a fashion trend that really allows you to look your best everyday, for casual as well as glamorous moments. It’s simplistic yet graceful look impacts your presence and the way you stand amongst others. So try it out! Monochrome wear is one of the elaborate trends at the moment, we all know that opposites attract and that sometimes the most simple statements are the ones that make the biggest impact.

By: Shannon Schöttle




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