KADI Is The Solution In Sub-Saharan Africa

Here is a letter from the founder:

Growing up in eastern Ghana, my siblings and I struggled to complete our homework at night, my mother’s trading business was constantly interrupted by blackouts, and we had trouble keeping in touch with relatives who moved away. When I was fifteen, I began my mission to tackle these energy problems by developing a solar collector to power community center lights in my village. I have since continued my education in Hong Kong and the United States, but my heart is still in Africa.

I founded Kadi Energy Company with my incredible team in 2013 to increase energy sustainability and reduce unemployment in Ghana and other developing countries.

I hope our campaign page can help you understand how Kadi will improve the everyday lives of Ghanaians, and the weight of your contribution toward launching our first product line. Thank you for your support!

Paul-Miki Akapablie

Please support this great initiative: Power up Ghana with Kadi Energy




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