Our Story

Independent Skies Magazine was founded in 2012 after years of struggle that a young man from Iraq was going through. After the war of 2003, Almustafa Mahmoud found himself chained to the manipulation and the image being shared about him and his people. But he wanted to report the real image and opinion, and that is how this magazine was born.

Our Mission

Reporting real stuff.
We report from the point of view of the individual. Mass media is biased, it generalises and follows political agendas. We believe that this is detrimental to foster cultural understanding and peace. So we share real stories, experiences and thoughts from people like me and you from all around the world to enable you to put yourself in someone else shoes.

Our Vision

This world needs a shift to the way journalism is being done. Journalists should provide the world with real content instead of information that is based on impulsive and intention-driven covering of events. We want to enable everyone to see the world from a local perspective.

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