Let’s Leave The Rich Qatarís And Help Brazil First.

Okay, stop talking about Qatar, because this really is pissing me off. I have been all over the place talking to people about how corrupted the World Cup in Brazil is, but no one is caring “because Brazil is where football is a religion, and people want to attend”… However, “Qatar is too hot in summer” so, let’s just tell everybody how corrupted they are.
Now, let me tell you one thing… The world cup in Qatar is happening in 8 years. But, the one taking place in Brazil is only 5 days away.
The problem is that, not even the people of Brazil want the world cup to happen, due to the treatment they received by the government forces to produce a so called “peaceful experience” to all the tourists.
Dear government of Brazil, please get your priorities right… I am pretty sure your people are more important than my experience watching people playing the beautiful game.

A friend has argued that this tournament will generate a lot of revenue to the country from the games and all the spending by the tourists. However, if we look at the history of the World Cup, FIFA takes most of the generated money to organise other events (in fact FIFA is actually the biggest organisation in the world) so, imagine how much money they make.
As for tourist spending, yes I agree this will help, but then again Brazil is known for its parties and women, and since most of the fans are males, this will mainly benefit those in the alcohol, drug and prostitution industry.
Which means, mafias, the human trafficking industry and rich people will be richer, but those selling ice cream will only get a small share.
I am not speaking my opinion out, but the opinion of those Brazilians whom I care about… they are people and their souls equal just as much as of the players and the tourists. Kicking them out of their homes so that it will be “peaceful” is a disgrace to humanity and I no longer appreciate Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
Here are some pictures of Graffiti showing the disastrous situation many Brazilians live in right as you read this:aEw4wMx_700b_v1 (1)

This collection of images is of a peaceful demonstration by the homeless workers in Sào Paulo, there were about 10,000 protestors closing one of the main highways of the city.
Traffic Police have threatened to go on a strike on Thursday the 12th of June, which is when the first match kicks-off in one of the busiest cities in the world.



The following is a message from me and everyone who cares.

Dear Brazilian Government,
Set your priorities right.

Almustafa M. Khalid

P.S I have played football since I was 6, I am 21 now and still playing. My dream was to become a footballer until I grew to realise how corrupted FIFA is.



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