Life without Facebook? A blessing


1)   The freedom that you will gain without people being able to reach you 24/7. Life will finally be yours again.


2)   No more annoying sounds every time you get some annoying message that all you want to do is ignore.


3)   When your messages are ‘seen’ but not replied to. I mean way to be ignored. (Controversy with number 2, but it’s the truth)


4)   Your curious parents, grandparents, etc. will not be able to see your drunken pictures, or for any matter any pictures you don’t want them to see.


5)   No more random posts about how your friend’s lives are perfect while yours really isn’t.


6)   One less thing to procrastinate on (even though we all know how we’d just find something else)


7)   No more pressure of having a decent Profile Picture in order to keep up with the times


8)   The excuse ‘No Dad of course I wasn’t at a party last night, I was sleeping over at a friends house’ just doesn’t work anymore.


9)   Just because I made one spelling mistake doesn’t mean you have to attack me for it!


10)               The lack of the constant nagging feeling that you have to check your Facebook every five minutes to make sure people haven’t posted anything new.  Facebook’s new definition? ‘Teenagers brand of Addiction’

But I mean how could we stalk our ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, or our arch enemies without good old Facebook? Most importantly, how are we ever going to remember our best friends birthdays without it?

By: Sofia Carbonelli 


Disclaimer: we are in no way encouraging readers to drink, delete family members or make spelling mistakes. 😉




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