Live to Inspire, Be Inspired to Live

If it is not in our best interest to lead inspiring lives, then I do not know what is. I see people carrying around their existence like a weight, a burden, that they were cursed with. The lines “I hate my life”, and “why does this always happen to me?” frequently resonate among my community of friends and family, and I’m sure even you must know these jingles of misfortune. It is dismaying to see such gloom surrounding the adventure which we all wish life should be. But why must our seemingly unattainable goal be so far-fetched? Some say we desire despair; subconsciously we want to avoid the responsibility of making our lives better. Others say life is meant to be this way so we learn to live it to the fullest. I am not going to talk to you about the meaning of life, or why we live it the way we do. I am going to discuss the possibility of, just for a brief moment, finding the strength to challenge, and to forget your fear and despair and instead feel hope.

Inspiration will be our tool for change. How? I believe in a little thing called the law of state transference, a law which maintains that if someone is in a certain emotional state, no matter how they act or what they say, their mood will be transferred to others. What follows is one of three cases: it could be shared, amplified, or rejected. An inspired state is one which is generally not rejected and that is why it is the universal key to the hearts of all people on earth. To illustrate this law, you might want to watch speeches like that of Charlie Chaplin in the Great Dictator or V in the movie V for Vendetta. The themes relate very little to you perhaps, but that is the point. These speeches bring out something within us regardless of whether the message is for us. They inspire because their delivery is made from an inspired state, and this is internalized into their words, emotions and actions.

Watch those videos and try to see what they bring out in you. What does it make you want to do? When I watch it I see a door, a door that is kept shut most of the time, but in that moment is opened just a crack. Light pours out but it is this light that blinds me from seeing what is behind the door. That is inspiration, hope that blinds me from my future, but drives me to burst open my door and find it. I would love to just burst it open now and move forward in life, but I know I am not ready. This is why this is only a momentary state.

Do not lose heart, for this driving force can be used while it is within you. I use it to find the motivation to prepare myself. I accumulate these inspired moments in order to pack my bags, until the one moment where in that state I find no more reasons to hold back. This is when I will face my door and push it open. I will face many like these during the different stages in life, doors will block my path constantly. But we must not forget that these doors also are passages. I believe I have the key within me, and I know that you have yours too. Now all you need to find your door, and with the inspiration you can draw from others, or even yourself, surge through and find your life to be a much less a burden but instead a rewarding challenge that can inspire all those around you! Live to inspire, be inspired to live.

Written by: Paolo Gueron



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