London Fashion Weekend


Although the London Fashion Week was more than one week ago, it is always better late than never. The 2014 London Fashion Week showed us everything from Bermuda shorts to bomber jackets, graphic blooms, frayed edges, shear, pleats and trains, yellow, monochrome, sports wear and lace. Fashion this year almost seems as though it can be compiled of everything.

The three day weekend trip was one to keep in memory. Shopping, clothes, evening dinners in petite stylish restaurants, afternoon tea and scones. And simply  having a weekend get away was wonderful.

For all fashion lovers, this experience was amazing. And although this blog is dedicated to all the lover of fashion, style, trends, and creativity, I would not have been able to have this experience with out my parents, so A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM.

And now to the real business!

Roaming the streets of London for three days, and attending the London Fashion Weekend sponsored by Vodafone meant seeing crazy, individual, unique outfits and style. Everything can be seen from huge fur jackets combined with chic hats. Neon colours that stand out from miles away, and so many other excessive and beautiful combination of all fashion styles.


IMG_3037             IMG_2458


IMG_3044              IMG_3041




The last day of the London Fashion Week ended with the Fashion Weekend, a recapture of all the styles seen by top designers, at the major arts and cultural centre in the heart of London, Somerset house.
The beautiful venue gave an awe to the fashion loving figures attending the shows and allowed every unique individual to fit in.


IMG_2475Front seats at the fashion show meant seeing finest details of the four styles presented:

Precious Metals

Flower Power

Lace Embrace

Good Sport







IMG_2462After the inspirational fashion show of the upcoming 2014 Summer trends, we then met Kalee Hewlett the fashion, celebrity and personal stylist who gave a detailed talk about styling up everyday life, by combining the trends seen on the catwalk.

For more information about Kalee Hewlett visit her personal twitter account and web-page.

The London Fashion Weekend was a unique experience, which inspired many individuals to create their own fashion sense. It was a gathering of fashion gurus, blogger, models and lovers.



Check out the slide show and video of the fashion show to get your own inspiration from the 2014 summer trends, and keep posted on the next articles on London’s street style and fashionable food.

By: Shannon Schöttle



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