Magkahiusa Continues: A Call For Unity

We live in a so called “globalised” world where we unfortunately only get to know about the mainstream stuff that media approves off, and live in an age where the attention span people spend on one particular topic is a 6 second vine video. This regrettably, is a major problem for the people who are suffering from war, racism, natural disasters and many more.

The Philippines is no new case here. They have been struck by a typhoon (Haiyan) in November,2013 and was declared to be the strongest humanity ever went through. Help has actually been provided to the survivors but, linking it back to the paragraph above… it is not on the social networks and television anymore. What people don’t know, is that there still exists more than 100,000 people in Visayas that are homeless and have neither food nor any other necessity.

I have personally survived a much lighter typhoon in Manila, Philippines in August, 2013 when I was conducting a leadership workshop there. My friend RJ Barette and I have seen the devastation in our eyes, water to waist level, to neck sometimes, destroyed homes, naked children, rescue teams not catching up with what the typhoon is taking away with it, and simply people that only have one thing in mind, and that is to live for the next hour.

Through Independent Skies Magazine, it was possible that we can provide whatever we can to the families affected by this vicious attack from mother nature. This was also made possible because of the extreme exchange rates from the Euro to the Filipino Pesos where only one Euro, makes a difference.

We have created a campaign called #MAGKAHIUSA, in the City of Segovia, Spain. The name of the campaign means united in the Visayan colloquialisms to show our support for the families by sending our message of unity. The campaign aims to sell T-shirts with the word #MAGKAHIUSA (written on the front in the colors of the Filipino flag) are for sale between the 8th of May – 8th of September, 2014. Each shirt will cost a minimum amount of 15 Euros which buys 2 meals in Europe, but it will feed a family for 30 days in the effected regions.

We aim to bring the world community together to learn and educate themselves about the suffering of other people around the world, it is a rare opportunity to have an international team that has such connections to make it possible to be almost directly in touch with the families.

When the money arrives to the Philippines, our team will buy the food and travel all the way to Visayas, to distribute what we have bought to the families, and of course the pictures of everything are provided on Independent Skies Magazine’s media platforms.

By: Almustafa M. Khalid



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