Massive Explosion At Shell Plant In The Netherlands

I love cars and worked with cars for a while, but, I have to confess that many people don’t really need cars, especially those living in developed countries with amazing public transport. You may ask how this is related? well, Shell is one of the biggest petrol suppliers in the world and they are making too much unregulated profit for ruining the environment.

This is a massive explosion that happened a few days ago in one of their plants in the Netherlands, that we did not hear much about in the media. I have heard this might have been from environmental parties that want to ruin Shell’s image, but that goes against what they ask for, because the pollution created by this explosion is quite enormous.
In the case that this explosion is a mistake by Shell, then it should be a good enough reason to regulate all the oil and gas companies, because these mistakes from BP and now Shell… will simply ruin our world soon.

Almustafa M. Khalid



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