“Nazis against Nazis”

As unbelievable and sad it is, but there are still some people in Germany that support extreme right-wing ideas and that glorify the Nazi- regimes inhuman crimes and authoritarian government.
In Germany those people are called “Neonazis” and they regularly gather together on special dates of death or at places where their “heroes” have been buried to march around and chant their racist slogans.
These groups of “Neonazis” only make a small percentage of the German society and usually the residents of such popular “Neonazi”- pilgrimage sites show of their resistance with anti- Nazidemonstrations and any other colorful forms of protest.
Each of these counter- demonstrations are an important symbol for our open, versatile society that does not accept any form of racism.

But lately the citizens of a small city called Wunsiedel showed us one of the greatest ways of fighting “Neo- Nazi”- marches that ever have been thought of.
As every year, on 15th Novemeber a group of “Neonazis” came together at Wunsiedel to pilgrim to the former grave of Adolf Hitler’s former deputy Rudolf Heß, which doesn’t even exist anymore, because it has been cleared away.

As they started walking what they saw weren’t the usual anti- right- wing banners, but posters with slogans cheering them up to continue walking and even a table of free bananas to give them the strength to keep on walking.

The solution to this bewildering and unexpected scene is as simple as it is genius: the program “Rechts gegen Rechts” (“Nazis against Nazis”) had asked people to donate 10 euros for every meter a Neonazi walked at the march in Wunsiedel. The collected money- which at the end of the day added up to 10 000 euros- was donated to EXIT- Deutschland, an organization which supports people who want to leave the right- wing- scene.
So basically the “Neonazis” had collected a big amount of money being used to fight their own community. A genius trap which they only got to know about while already walking.
This single action might not completely stop “Neonazis”- marches in Germany, but for me it is a perfect example of how resistance to racism should look like. Instead of using rough brutality, noise and shallow slogans people in Wunsiedel chose an intelligent, sarcastic way, which fooled the Neonazis and humiliated them deeply.
Many of the people taking part in “Neonazi”- and other right- wing- marches may not truly identify with all the racist ideas, but they join such occasions because of the feeling of community, strength and the opportunity to frighten others and get in fight with left- wing- opponents.
By fooling them the way it happened in Wunsiedel all these attractions are taken away and replaced by simple degradation.
In long term this might lead to a decraese of the number of participants in right- wing- gatherings and every single person realizing how wrong these racist ideas are, is a big achievement for our modern society.

For those who want to have a closer look at the action in Wunsiedel or see some pictures and videos of the protest, here is the link to the website of “Rechts gegen Rechts”: http://rechts-gegenrechts.de/.
You find a really informative and funny video about the Wunsiedel action right here :https://www.youtube.com/watchv=KvjIYl_Nlao&feature=youtu.be.

By Carolin Grüning




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