How many times have you thought that no one loved you? How many times have you even considered the idea of being alone for the rest of your entire life? And how many times have you blamed yourself for this? Maybe its time to face the truth: NOBODY LOVES YOU.

Yes, you read it right. Nobody loves you and society will try to hide it from you. People will tell you how perfect you are and not to change a single thing of your way of being. They will flatter and make you aware of how incredible your existence is. However, the truth is different – Nobody loves you (and you know it). You are the one who wakes up alone. The one who does not receive any romantic text. The one who is not embraced. The one who watches movies alone and craves for someone to give a little love.

Nobody loves you and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you were not born to be loved or maybe… you should start thinking WHY. It does not necessarily have to be your fault but certainly you play an important role. Now let me put it in a different way… How can you expect someone to love you if you are not willing to love first? You should not worry about who loves you but rather whom do you love. No one can pretend to receive love without giving it first. Forget about what you want and need. Do not even consider the good things that a person can provide to you. Focus on the incredible things that you can give to someone. Stop thinking uniquely about yourself and hush your ego.

We were all made to love and be loved. Think positively. Every time these thoughts of no one loving you come to your mind… go out and express your LOVE. Maybe, once you start valuing the necessity of others to receive it… life will surprise you. Change your perspectives. Do not hold on and start TODAY! You, and only you, can change a NOBODY LOVES YOU into a SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.  

By: Celia de la Hoz.



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