American Flag
Is Trump The End of America?

The world is going crazy in the first week of Donald Trump having taken the throne. While some are calculating how much he has left in office, others …

Artist M.I.A sitting on a boat with Indian Boys
Borders – What’s Up With That?

The notorious M.I.A known for her song “Bad Girls” that hit more that 70 million views released a very provocative song called Borders that questions …

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Upcoming Fashion Designer Solves a Huge Refugee Problem

Angela is a Fashion Designer from the US, she just graduated and used her b…

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Daniel asks… #1

Pedro Moreno. Painter. Barcelona.   When did you decide to become a pa…


‘Not anyways but just because’

This is an interview with cultural management student Lisa Weigelt. She is …

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My Name Is Simba & I Am A Designer

My name is Simba Chakauya and I am a designer. I was born in Zimbabwe but h…

The Magazine

Donald Trump Drawing

Hello 2017. Hello Donald Trump. A reality desired by some and feared by others, creating a lot of buzz and opinions. Our first issue of the new year p…


Fear of the Unknown

In what follows I’m gonna share with you a very personal story of mine. And it’s not necessarily a story, but rather a growing up, personal …

The Lands That Carry Us

Day 0. You’ve truly left me ambivalent. In awe. You’ve had me question…


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