President Obama Is Back With An Important Announcement

Now, let me praise the man. He is taking his time to film this video to raise awareness about violence against women, which is very very important and I thank him for that. But, before you get all emotionally excited think critically of what these things are.

1- I believe that the message is genuine towards the cause.

2- But, why doesn’t he pass a bill or something. For example, there are police in his Saudi allies country that makes sure people are behaving accordingly (Now, I know Saudi Arabia might be an extreme for you, but hey the idea is good and maybe just maybe can be executed well.)

3- Why did he do it on Grammys night? I don’t really have a clear explanation myself, but I do think is to create a talk at the show between the celebs, and therefore he will “trend”.

4- Because he will trend, people are gonna think he is genuinely doing it for the cause, but is he really? I think he is trying to change his image that he built up over the recent past with all the drone attacks, that are a lot more than Bush’s era, and the politics he had engaged in outside, in Syria, still Iraq, libya, Pakistan and God knows where else. He is doing this to brush over that image and let you think that he is essentially a humanitarian. That cares.

If you can challenge these thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Almustafa M. Khalid



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