Push Forward

We cannot change the fact that some individuals around the globe are born with genetic defects or incurable diseases. But there is one


thing that we can change is the mindset that they are not different from any of us. It may see, cliché to say this but ‘What counts is on the inside’. This is exactly what nine-year-old Connor Long did for his younger brother Cayden who was born with cerebral palsy.

To show that his brother is not different from anyone else Connor decided to do several sport events with his brother of which triathlons were the main event. Despite the barrier that the disease may put on others, Connor did not decide to let that affect the way in which he can compete with others. He pushed forward and did not look back on the fact they would come in last. He knows that his brother finds the same enjoyment like Connor.

This active role that Connor played in his relationship to his brother has earned the two of them the title as ‘Sports Illustrated Sports Kids of the Year.’ The inspiration that these two young brothers have set out to the world has an effect on big athletes like LeBron James and set out new ways of thinking about the equality in sports. This award may have been given to these two in 2012, yet the spirit that they care for athletic competition continues.






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