Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

The Million Mask Rallies Are Flowing Across The Globe

I started to like anonymous at a young age, and always wanted to buy the mask, but did not until I was independent.
Then from time to time I keep on thinking about their existence and sometimes “over” power that has always impressed me, because I am one of those people that believed that governments are watching us and perhaps controlling us, even before Wikileaks and the NSA scandal that Edward Snowden released.

I like the idea of anonymous, but I am not so sure anymore. I am a little more convinced now that sometimes they do a bit more harm such as the credit card incident and the playstation accounts a few years back. I understand that sometimes they bring government websites down, but I think they are different entities and by that I mean that any group of hackers can call themselves anonymous to join the “cool” gang, and it is also easier because ‘The blood will be lost in different hands’ Arabic Proverb. This basically means that no certain group will be chased by governmental forces, because the “crime” is distributed very widely that they cannot catch everyone with a mask.

As mentioned earlier, they are different unrelated group, and I appreciate the work they do against apartheid… However, the super power that they are today that can pretty much do anything is questionable. Are they being supported? well, Russia Today is always trying to get their message out there, isn’t that a type of support? Is it a United States mechanism to make people think they are being opposed? and perhaps Russia is just playing along?

These are two contradicting comments found on social media.

“Anonymous went from a silly 4chan prank, to a moral crusade against Scientology, to a bunch of edgy script kiddies who think that DDoS is a valid form of protest. Calling them “cyber criminals” or “cyber activists” would grant their “movement” more credit than it deserves. They’re essentially bored, self-righteous hooligans with the same kind of mentality as your typical antifa/anarchist thug,” Said Nicolavs Eremiticvs

“I really like anonymous and their videos because they provide some evidence that can be looked up and questions that make me think,” Said Xavier415

And to end this, here is something an anonymous “representative” had to say:

Almustafa M. Khalid



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