Rock’n the Bags


If it’s not the shoes and clothes that we women would die for then it’s definitely our handbags. But let’s be honest, how happy are our men when our bags turn to ‘Wundertüten’ and suddenly have everything in them. The new trend is to look polished and dressed through our bags, not any ordinary bags though, but rather the ones that shine and catch the eye of every passing person.


Bags are becoming more elaborate, crazy and classy this year. It is a way of expressing your self-image in hundreds and thousands of ways. The best thing is however, that no matter what type of bag you love and wear, you’ll be in style.  Obviously looking at street wear you can get a huge amount of inspiration from what you might want to keep an eye out for, but let’s face it you can wear eye–searing neon fluorescents bags, radiant orchid colored in bags, mini designer handbags, or the bags that never fall out of fashion, this year its all going to work.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a designer handbag, a vintage bag or one of your favorite bags that simply found in the store around the corner. A bag will look better the more individual you feel with it. Whether you are a celebrity, blogger, student or everyday woman, the handbag is always at your side. Diversity is seen everywhere in the bag world today, anything is possible, as long as the bag suits your style.

Going around the streets I found a few examples of how to style up your everyday street wear with your handbag. There are many different options of how to generate your own self-image here are a few options.


An everyday purse doesn’t always need to be usual, show your style through crazy patterns and colours, like this bag from accessorize.

IMG_8890Michael Kors Monogram Mirror Metallic North South Tote Gold

Whether checkered or metallic bright an everyday handbag can take every form.


Tribal is the new craze whether it is just a small stitching across a nice leather bag
or a knitted duffle bag, it is the laid back indian style.


Or being simply chiqué with a nice Louis Vuitton bag. Big robust yet lady like bags simply
always look glamorous.


Just a classy Prada bag makes the Boho style stand out even more, similar to this the long-straped
Liebeskind handbag will suit every outfit, fit anything in it and looks elegant and casual at the same time.


Animal print and bright small wristlets and purses is a style that no one can resist at the moment, especially for evening wear it simply dresses up your style making it more elegant and chic.


The satule style is all back in especially combined with neon- bright colours it makes your outfit pop into everyones eyes capturing attention. They brighten up every outfit and make your style seem more dressy and casual than any other handbag these days.

You can purchase your individual style almost everywhere whether it is mollerus, chanel, zara, accessorize, longchamp, mulberry or DKNY. All designers are focusing on a wide range of fashion styles mixing up all the tastes together. So go find your bag and embrace it with every style, because there are endless ways of styling up your day with your handbag.

By: Shannon Schöttle



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