Our world is obsessed with shoes. Yes shoes. Both men and women are self-proclaimed shoe-holics. Shoes are everywhere. I will not be talking about the stereotypical women’s obsession with shoes. Yes we do have it, because which woman can never have enough shoes? But today I will be talking about the inevitable fact of men’s obsession with their shoes.

Of course men often go with the clear statement:

Its better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones.’ Cary Grant

If you haven’t realized it by now, then its time. Men spend an enormous amount of time taking care of their shoes, making sure they look good, making sure they fit to their outfit, and I would lie if I said women don’t like it. Men who take care of their shoes and are interested in fashion.

Although we might seem to think that there is only a certain type of shoe that men wear, there really isn’t. Just like women they also have a certain shoe for every occasion. And often what kind of shoes a man is wearing, can say a lot about them.

From season to season and from style to style, fashion designers clearly create shoes for every moment and situation of our lives.

No matter if you are going for the casual, hipster, chic or street style look, shoes will always enhance an outfit.

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Yes a lot of things can go wrong with shoes, sandals with white socks, flip flops, white sneakers, classic black shiny smart shoes with jeans and so many more, but  men are really starting to embrace their shoe wear.

Whether luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Manolo Blahnic, Gucci, DSquared or Nike, New Blanace, leather high tops and all other brands. Going around the streets you can see every style. Significant however is  that the styles are increasingly more sophisticated and fashionable and  most certainly leave a good impression.

High top sneakers are comfortable, look casual and have a fashionable twist to them, if you have a pair at home then you’ll definitely never go wrong. They are stylish for everyday and almost every occasion. They show good taste and create a fun and sporty style to the whole outfit. Paired with a pair of jeans or dark trousers and a polo or white V-Neck t-Shirt will truly enhance the kicks!

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But lets face it those brown leather shoes are the ones that show sophistication, good taste and clearly strive towards the intellectual look. Shoes from Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada or BOSS create a certain sex appeal. You can never go wrong with them as they look good on every man and if you are looking for something  casual smart they are exactly what you have to look for.  Allowing  you to look well dressed with every outfit.

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 BUT don’t forget: No brown after six.

By: Shannon Schöttle




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