Snapchatting A Spontaneous European Road Trip

I have never in my life been to more than one city per day only until recently, but this road trip raised the bar. A LOT.

I have been living in Segovia, Spain (one hour north of Madrid) for the past two years and since we have finished our final exams on the 17th of May, I had to think of how I am going back to where my parents live. I decided that this time it should be a little more exciting.

I left Segovia on Friday 22nd of May, and the first real stop was Barcelona, (note, as the title suggests this is spontaneous). we arrived late and were tired, took a rest and then we went to La Rambla to have dinner (very very unfortunately it was Burger King because the nice places were either expensive or closed), this is my 3rd time in this beautiful place and I don’t think I will ever get used to how good looking it is.

I am not a fan of the beach and tanning, so this is the only sentence telling you about my tanning. (yea, duh I love the sea… just laying on sand to take some sun isn’t my thing, add to that I am an Arab… sorry it just doesn’t work).

After a long walk on the beach at night, we were tired and headed back to the hotel which was on a hill and had a great view, we had to check out the next morning and we left the car at the parking to go and have lunch in one of the best places to have Pallea on the beach called Tinglado (highly recommended).

Then we went to meet one of my best friends (barely able to walk after a huge meal only for 23 Euros) who I call “My Spanish Brother”, we went to some sort of a wet market and had great “batido” basically fresh juice, and a walk through the older parts of Barcelona we saw the Cathedral and some other churches, a great break-dance performance, we went for coffee and bye bye Barcelona.

Oh damn, I need to check-out from the hotel in Nice, France in 10 minutes. I will tell you about it all later.


*you probably noticed the change of I to we, not gonna tell you that sorry, still have a bit of private life. 

Almustafa M. Khalid

P.S about snapchat, this whole trip is on my story everyday so follow if you like to look at the great and weird places we pass by on this road trip (ghost towns, beach cities and private jets airports all included) 
Snapchat: almustafa4 



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