Spring Fashion

elle-roses-JakKPU-h-lgnSpring is back again and its back with everything. There aren’t any guidelines to follow this year, but spring fashion at the moment is one of the most eclectic and inspirational fashion trends. Why?

You can wear nearly everything, mix and match, print with stripes, long with short, different colours, textures and baggy or tight clothes. Although it might seem crazy that there aren’t any specifics, although when one looks closer, different trends or outfits do repeat themselves.  But unlike most fashion trends, the spring fashion trends found their origin in the crazy street style of the big cities. London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan and so many more.


Whether it is pairing a denim jacket with a tight mini horizontally striped dress and boots. Altering stripes and colour blocked accessories. A long beachy dress in lavender colour, focusing on less vibrant and more pure and pastel colours.

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Similarly to the beachy trend one of the  repeating trends is the all in white summer skirt and blouse, with knitted light sweaters and embroidery. A very hot trend this year is baggy boyfriend jeans with a long summer suit jacket as well as a baggy T-shirt and high heels.


By Shannon Schöttle




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