Stop Hiding Behind Social Media – Just Be Yourself!

We use social media to convey to others how we want to be seen as – fun, successful, beautiful and all together someone of worth.

Well, I want to break that stigma and paint a less-than-perfect picture of myself, because this is how I look like most of the times. No makeup, pair of glasses and pulled-down ponytail. And I’m still perfectly beautiful and amazing. (For those of you who know me, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this.)

But I can also be impatient, hard-headed, demanding, messy, stubborn. I sometimes leave my dishes in the sink. I procrastinate. I have emotional breakouts and slight OCD about different things. I can be very intense and sometimes distant. I can be the sloppiest person in the world. I go in between the most overly ambitious person or the laziest bum you will ever see. I often bite more than I can chew and I am constantly overwhelmed or lost in my own thoughts. I don’t share my struggles with people often because I’m afraid I’ll seem weak, and yet I’ll be telling others that being vulnerable is important.

You see, I’m not the most perfect person you’ll meet. I probably won’t even cut it to the tenth most perfect person. But I’m the most perfect me. And I don’t have to be the funniest, the most successful, the most beautiful and the smartest person to be loved, to be who I am created to be, and more importantly, I don’t have to prove to or show to others that I am.

At the end of the day, people around will see it all, your worst, your ok moments, and yes, your best. Like when you’re at a friend’s wedding and you’ve dolled up because oh-well-I’m-still-single-and-might-find-my-own-mr.right-at-the-wedding-so-I-better-look-good. But when you ask them, they love you the most not when you’ve gotten that job everyone looks up to, not when you look like you stepped out of a photoshoot, not when you had the most amazing adventure; no, they love you the most when you’re pouring out your heart to them, when you’re not afraid to cry and admit things are hard, when you admit you’re wrong and apologize, when you are comfortable enough to look your worst yet still feel your best, when you’re being silly, when you’re laughing at your own jokes, when you’re staying at home watching Netflix because you’re too old to go out to a club on a Friday night *cough* and when you’re just.. there, being yourself, being the amazing you.

So it’s ok that I let people know that I am struggling. So it’s ok to post a picture where I’m not completely made up. Because you know what? The less-than-perfect, everyday me is still freaking darn perfect, and not any less special and extraordinary as my “best” moments.

I’m extraordinary, simply because I am.

Written by: Jess (Ye Seul) Kim 


Featured image by  street artist Morley in Soho, NYC via.



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