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Street style in London is one of the most wonderful inspirations towards fashion style. Wherever you go, in each small street there are shops or individual people that stand out through their clothes and fashion sense.



One doesn’t necessarily have to go to London to shop, but simply being there and letting all the styles work upon ones self makes you want to go through your closet and get that old sweater out that you thought looked hideous  but now is actually back in style. As I said once before you can wear anything today as long as what you wear suits you and you have the confidence to pull it off.colours, cuts, figures and



London is the perfect place to window shop, especially ‘the new bond street’ (crossing old bond street) there is something for everyone, from jewellery, to cars, to mens wear and women’s wear but the most eclectic part about the street are the shop windows, the decorations, butting the fashion into scene. And since it was the London Fashion Week, shops made an extra effort to enhance their clothes through eye catching scenes in their shop window, wether it was Prada, Ralph Lauren, Selfridges or H&M and Nike. Everyone had a different sense towards how to express their individual style.





IMG_3138 IMG_3144 IMG_2394IMG_2400 IMG_2403IMG_3137

To gain some more inspiration from the street style of London check out this slide show of the eclectic fashion wear.

By: Shannon Schöttle



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