Super Mario Appears In New Mercedes Ad.

Well, I hate it when big producers make me buy things I don’t need… and not to confuse anyone, I don’t really have enough to get myself a Mercedes. But, these ads targeted at the now older generation that played Mario, will bring back memories to create a certain attachment with the vehicle. However, what I disliked is that they will never portray Mario as the fat italian, but a big, tough, muscular, “hot” dude… So, not only the memories that will make you buy this, but the association that you will be “hot” driving it.
Many people would argue that they would not fall for such messages, but it is not something that we actively think of after watching a 30 second advertisement, so it serves as a close companion to subliminal imaging. Your mind will receive it, process it and that simple image of a hot Mario driving a Mercedes will be resurfaced in your mind the next time you see the new GLA class.

This Ad. is so very simple it almost cost Mercedes nothing, but will make a lot of money in return simply due to a memory being brought back and a stereotype.

P.S My message here is to let you guys know that it is important to analyse what you are projected to, to further understand the messages… trust me its cool when you know exactly what they are thinking of 😉

Almustafa M. Khalid




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