Taming A Lion

Surprisingly it was in Hong Kong that I discovered how it is not so difficult to tame a lion after all. Of course, Hong Kong is not the number one destination to see wild lions. But it does have one that is particularly famous: the LION ROCK.

Known for the best views of Hong Kong, there was no way around the Lion Rock hike for me. I am a huge fan of hiking and I always love visiting the highest spot in a city- the reason being that from a further distance I see things more clearly, it helps me to get back down to earth and reacquire more realistic views. Not only in a literal way, but also metaphorically speaking. The realization of how small I am and how small my life is compared to what is going on globally, really helps me relax. To some this may sound odd but this way of thinking works perfectly for me.

Taming the lion will be very a challenging endeavour.

The hike lasted about three hours at a good pace. Admittedly there were about a dozens of stops on the way up. A felt 80% of the entire route was climbing stairs, which explains why I had to stop quite frequently at above 30 degrees Celsius. Especially in the face of the extremely fit Hong Kong elderly population who just climbed up the Lion Rock like it was an easy stroll in the park, I felt discouraged and encouraged at the same time. If someone 50 years older than me could do it, how could I not achieve the same?

Natural Staircase to Lion Rock
Natural Staircase to Lion Rock

After all, the motivation and excitement easily outweighed some negative thoughts. I felt strong even though I could not have seemed weaker on the outside with all the breaks I took. During the two hours I took to reach the top, I celebrated every little breeze of air that helped my body to cope better with the heat. I was stunned by nature and the rampant vegetation in Hong Kong thanks to the extremely humid climate.

Fortunately, I had found a perfect guide with very clear instructions for the hike as apparently there is some opportunities to get lost on the way. This increased my confidence to go on this endeavor all by myself greatly.

My curiosity peaked when I knew I was nearly there. Nearly on top of the Lion Rock. The taming nearly done. Both the taming of my own alleged weakness when in fact I was more than strong enough to climb this mountain and the taming of this giant of a rock. How would it feel and how would it look like to finally reach my goal?

The first thing I saw when I arrived was women taking selfies. That sounds pretty ironic but yes life turns out to be less miraculous than we picture it sometimes. When I stepped to the edge however I was just completely stunned. A sea of skyscrapers and housing complexes as far I could look. Human civilization at one of its extremes.

Of course I made those women take a picture of me, too. What is an achievement without proof? Show your foot on that tamed lion proudly. Whether you keep it to yourself or share it with others. You have all the right to be proud of yourself for reaching your goals and draw motivation from your successes to reach the next goal you have set for yourself.

One of the Sceneries from the Hike
One of the Sceneries from the Hike

Why am I telling this story? And why this way? My whole experience taught me a few new lessons and reaffirmed some of my beliefs.

Know yourself. And know what YOU like. Set your goals according to what you know is right for you.

The journey is never easy. And the sentence ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ will always stay true, because what you got easily you will not cherish as much.

We all feel discouraged at times. Also by other people. But if you manage to turn negative into positive thoughts anything can become a motivation.

External feedback matters. But you decide which feedback you accept and which not.

Yes, you can find yourself help. Hardly anyone succeeds at being a lone ranger.

Never forget that the sense of achievement will be worth it and make that your biggest motivation.

Do not be disappointed if reality does not exactly match your expectations. Little setbacks cannot take the achievement from you. Just focus on what matters.

Celebrate. Be it by yourself or in company. A little or lot, depending on what you have accomplished. You will need this energy for when things may become rough again.

You can tame any lion, any challenge in life. Whatever goal you set, make that achievement yours!

Svea Freiberg


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