Tesla Who?

Who the heck is Nikola Tesla!?

 Sadly many people nowadays don’t even know who Nikola Tesla is. His name is rarely mentioned in books or educational pieces, his legacy, his inventions, his story; all hidden from public view by certain sources. I realise that some people do in fact know who Tesla was, and I congratulate them for that, but for those who do not let me explain something to you… Nikola Tesla was a genius, a hero and an inspiration to humanity, I’ll explain why later on.

So why is Tesla so important? Well that’s an easy question to answer.

Tesla basically created the 21st century with both his ideas and inventions:

He created/invented radio

He created/invented radar

He created/invented remote control

He created/invented wireless communication

Neon lighting, laser, the modern electric motor and an earthquake machine. Not to mention the so called Death ray and weather control mechanisms.

He also laid down the foundations for the creation of MRI scanners, planes and X-ray


But most importantly my friends, Nikola Tesla invented free energy, yes that’s right, free energy for all. Can you even imagine where humanity would be today if we had free energy? What would be the point of working? The point of money? Would we still be on the earth or would we inhabit the moon by now?

I know you might think I’m crazy by now, I would also understand if you now have another tab open trying to find out about my statements, but unfortunately you will find very little, not because it’s not true, but because as I mentioned, it’s hidden away. But as we all know, history revisionism can only last for so long.

As a law student I understand that science is not so interesting, but Tesla’s story is not about science, or inventions, its about human nature, its a story we must comprehend to understand the world we live in today.

Nikola Tesla was an ethnic Serb born in Austria-Hungary. He emigrated to the US as a young adult and started working for a somebody by the name of Thomas Edison; A man of many characters, while some say good businessman and legendary inventor I say heartless capitalist and expert thief. Now I know my opinions on Edison are controversial, but I’m pretty confident I can convince you to if not adopt, accept my view by the end of the article.

Before even coming to the US, Tesla worked in Strasbourg for the French branch of the Edison company, he finished repairing a whole electrical plant, and after asking for his wage was rewarded with laughter and a self-resignation form. He then made the mistake of once again working with Edison in the US, hoping that the man himself would be different from his company. His job was to fix Edison’s DC generators, the set price was $50,000 and the result was Tesla fixing the generators and being told by Edison that he didn’t understand “American humour”. This led to Tesla digging ditches a whole winter so that he could eat.

Edison didn’t stop there, oh no no no, Edison wanted to utilise every single atom of his energy in the destruction of Tesla. For example, when Tesla introduced alternating current (AC), an aggravated Direct current (DC) power lover by the name of Edison decided to electrocute cats, dogs and other pets to show the dangers of AC; when that didn’t work he decided to electrocute an elephant, don’t worry though, he was nice enough to give it a delicious last meal, he gave it cyanid laced carrots to ease the pain. This shouldn’t shock you however, I mean it was Edison’s company that produced the first electric chair, so killing elephants was nothing more than foreplay for Edison. But this article is about Tesla, so here I will stop battering Edison, I wont even mention the fact he sent thugs to Tesla’s house in Colorado Springs to break and burn his works.

Due to the tension between them, it was reported that Tesla and Edison lost the opportunity to receive the Nobel prize for Physics in 1915. This is only speculation, however it wouldn’t surprise me if it were the truth, recently the European Union won the Nobel peace prize, and I think next year’s peace prize winners might be Bill Clinton and George Bush; For their extraordinary efforts to bring peace to the world during their office terms.

Tesla was the most humane inhuman I have ever come across, humane because he wanted to give humanity free wireless energy,and inhumane because at times he didn’t seem like he was from this planet. Many times during his life he mentioned how he was contacted by extraterrestrial life and I firmly believe him. Not because I’m a freak with tinfoil on my head who watches Doctor Who, but because Tesla was the man who saw 200 years ahead of his time, if we observe some of his interviews we see him describing internet and live television a century before its existence. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower in New York was intended to be the tower of global free wireless energy, an idea he experimented with, and perfected in Colorado Springs. But his idea never came to light due to a well known system called capitalism. One of Tesla’s main problems was that he did not understand capitalism or money, he declined donations by the famous Mihajlo Pupin and did not care that his patents were being resold and used my other inventors at the time, a good example of this is when Guillermo Marconi stole his patents and won the Nobel Physics prize in 1909 for Tesla’s work on the radio. Tesla’s wireless communication idea was very appealing to his inventors, George Westinghouse and and J.P Morgan; But the moment Tesla mentioned that he wanted to make all of his inventions free for the world they laughed and left him in the cold, repeating Edison’s quote of “ Anything that wont sell, I don’t want to invent” The beautiful idea of free energy was halted.

All in all Tesla grew older, and lived totally cashless on crackers and milk. Speaking to a white dove that, according to him, understood him and followed him everywhere he went. Tesla died alone and broke in room 3327 of the New Yorker hotel. Some years before his death its said that he made the so called ‘death ray’ and weather controlling system(HAARP), even though there has been much discussion about his inventions we can not say much about them due to the fact that when Tesla died on Orthodox christmas in 1943 his body was moved from its original place by the FBI, and all of his possessions, including personal diary and blueprints were taken. To this vary day Tesla’s papers and diaries remain either under US government control or have simply gone missing.

So where do we stand right now?

We stand in a world where JP Morgan is one of the biggest banks.

We stand in a world where Edison’s name is in our primary and secondary school materials.

We stand in a world where Tesla is unknown, and hardly ever mentioned. A society that undermines his very existence while praising General Electric (Formerly known as the Edison General Electric company)

We stand in a world where history is written by the wrong people, about the wrong people.

This is why the story of Nikola Tesla is important, because once we understand Nikola Tesla we will understand human nature and the current society we find ourselves in. Nikola Tesla is only one of the many people not mentioned in the history books, but those people are the ones we must pay our upmost attention to.

Written by: Luka Djordjevic



Counter Argument:

hmmm, your article seems to be derived from a comic from Oatmeal. Alex Knapp from Forbes happened to have written an article which replies to it. It covers the comic much better than I can, and thus most of your article.
It should be noted from the reply of Oatmeal that the comic was supposed to be more on the humorous side, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The comic: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla
Forbes’ article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2012/05/18/nikola-tesla-wasnt-god-and-thomas-edison-wasnt-the-devil/
oatmeal’s response: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/tesla_response

By: Mohammed Montadhar Al Hakim



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