The 10 Things You Must Have When You Go Backpacking

Backpacking is one of the most common forms of low-cost independent travelling. You have to pack up everything in a rucksack and travel; as you will carry the backpack for quite a chunk of time, you have to pack everything you need, but nothing you don’t. Here is a checklist for the 10 must haves while backpacking.

  1. Navigation – travelling always requires some kind of navigation. Whether it be a physical map (though let’s be honest – most people don’t use that anymore) or a GPS, it is vital you carry some kind of navigation around.
  2. Sun Protection or Insulation – This depends on where and when you are going backpacking.
  3. First – Aid Supplies – Yep, you do not want to be bleeding on the road or spend the rest of your trip with an open cut.
  4. Fire – Not an actual fire, but something to create fire such as matchsticks or a fire-starter kit with a waterproof container.
  5. Nutrition – you do not want to starve do you?
  6. Hydration – water bottles and a water-filtering system.
  7. Emergency Shelter – Like a tent or something, so if you do not find a shelter you can camp.
  8. Money – sometimes money can buy you things!
  9. Clothes and personal hygiene products – you do not want to be dirty through the whole trip right?
  10. A Backpack – well duh!?!

Happy travels!

Aashi Morakhiya

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