The 4 Steps Leaders Take Entering A New Year To Make A Change In Their Lives

Alright, this is going to be a narcissistic article, but I felt I had to share how my attitude changed my life to something I was not really expecting until I decided to change.
In 2012, I decided that I should start working out… and just like everyone else, I spent january in the gym and left it in February, and basically the years have all been almost exactly like that since I was 12 years old.
However, I always had some attitude to begin with, my parents had taught me to go get what I want on my own, and only I can help myself achieve my dreams.

To be honest, I am just dissatisfied with my past for not realizing earlier that I could make a change, I am discontented with my friends, I am dissapointed with my family and I am angry at all the people that have yet to make the change, because it is actually quite easy to make a change.

Here are four steps leaders take to change anything in their lives:

– Know what you want: before doing anything, you need to know what you really want, what you really need to change about your life and for a good (GOOD) reason. I say that because, if you do not have something to prove to yourself or to others it will be hard to maintain the work you are doing to achieve that dream of yours.

– Decision Making: now that you are sure of what you want, it is time to make the smallest and easieast step, that does not require time but is crucial to your progress. Now is the time to say “I am going to do it!”.

– Time to work: this is a step we all do, like me only going to the gym in January, but believe it or not, it actually does take some motivation to get the ball rolling, so keep your motivation up and hit the road to success.

– Make it a lifestyle: the hardest part of all, is to stay motivated and not lose hope so easily like most of us do. Dreams and goals are not easy to achieve, it took me seven years and hundreds of hours of training to get to where I wanted, and I was on the verge of giving up way too often, but if you manage to control yourself in that moment of weakness, then you will prove to yourself that you will be able to make it and that will push you even further.
The best strategy to achieve a big dream is to set smaller steps in order to stay motivated. So let us say you want to make a billion dollars, start small and set the 1000 as your first goal, then go up to 5000, 20.000, 100.000, 1.000.000, 100.000.000 and to a BILLION. However, the most important part about this strategy is not to keep the steps small, because this strategy works like the snowball effect, and underestimating your abilities will only help you NOT achieve your goals (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF). Set your goals, go run after them, achieve them and then maintain that as a lifestyle that you want to live, because after achieving a dream it is hard to stay motivated, not realizing many people including you in the past wanted to live this dream.

One of my coaches used to tell the team with his heavy South American accent “it is not too hard to win, but they all want to beat you because they know how hard it was for you to make it here (top of the soccer league), now we have to maintain this success or they will eat us” .

So really, it has nothing to do with entering a year, this is why I started writing this article in the first place. If you have read and understood the four steps explained above, then you should now know that this can be done during any year, any month, any day, any hour and any minute. It just depends on when you want to make the decision.
I do not know about you, but many of my friends on facebook are publishing status updates about how “sh*t” 2014 was, meanwhile I am not going to publish a thing like that because I had a successful year founding a campaign, growing a company, getting a part time job, getting good grades, starting a football academy and finding the right person.

All that started with a decision in March, 2012. It is your time now, use your new year resolution motivation to get you going and keep on striving.

Viel Erfolg!

Written By: Almustafa M Khalid



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