The Art of Being a Solo Traveller

There are many ways to travel and the way you choose depends on a lot of different factors. One of the biggest choices to make when going on an adventure is who you go with. Or perhaps you prefer not to go with anyone at all. Being a solo traveller takes a lot out of you, but also offers a lot in return. Here is a quick breakdown of what the art of solo travelling entails.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

While solo travelling might strike many as terrifying, lonely, or even unsafe, it is also exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. Travelling with others can counteract the loneliness and “unsafe” aspect, but it’s not always a pleasant journey when the person you’re more or less stuck with begins to get on your nerves.

When you solo travel, you know that the only thing you can rely on is yourself and, through the good and the bad, there is no one else you can praise or blame. This can make your trip more challenging, but equally as rewarding. You are able to discover strength and perseverance that you may not have known you had. You are also able to prove to yourself that you’re capable of being totally independent and self-sufficient, even when you’re out of your comfort zone.

Of course, it is important to take into account the dangers that being on your own may expose you to. Take the time to do research into the cities and places you’re visiting and make sure you’re aware of potentially harmful situations. Make friends to go out with if you want to venture into a place’s night life or, at the very least, keep your hostel or accommodation informed of your whereabouts if you’re planning to go at it alone. Let your family and friends back home know about your plans as well.

Time for yourself

The great and not-so-great thing about solo travelling is that you get to spend a lot of time on  your own. With all this time, and the challenges you encounter during your trip, you have the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better. The experiences you’re sure to have while travelling will inspire you in certain ways and the time you have on your own will ensure that you can process everything that you may overlook or get distracted away from if travelling with someone else or in a group. You’ll have a lot of time with your own thoughts and in your own head, making a solo trip the perfect chance to solidify your attitude, values, and perspective towards a wide range of things.

Why you should go on a solo trip

Solo travel is not for everyone. Some people don’t enjoy the solitude or are just not comfortable enough to be in a new country and culture all alone. And that’s totally fine. But the experience is still one worth having, at least in my opinion.

Solo travel is a great way to get pushed out of our habitual comfort zones. It provides challenges and opportunities that we might never encounter and overcome otherwise. Being able to complete a trip totally on one’s own is such a fulfilling, rewarding accomplishment and it’s one that we should all achieve in some form. Even if it’s just a few days away to a city you’ve always wanted to visit, it’s enough to give you the courage and inspiration that you can do it on your own, no matter what it is.


Written by: Sonia Motisca


Photo source: Benefits of Traveling Solo



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