The Boy Child Ought Not To Be Neglected

I was once a boy child…

Every time I watch the news or listen to conversations the word girl child is mentioned more that the boy child. You will agree with me that many times we overlook the boy child’s progress.  Suppose we take a moment and ask ourselves some critical questions concerning the boy child. Do boys go through the same challenges girls do? Should we also be mindful of equality when it comes to issues concerning the boy child on a day-to-day basis?

Let’s think about this together: most third world countries are faced by this challenge. We have lots of street boys who lack constructive things to do. Majority of the boys are drug addicts, others are involved in criminal activities and outlawed sects; the list is endless. Then what are the boy’s rights? These are actual things happening to our boys. They have been abused and neglected and thus lack the right mentors to guide them through their lives. Other boys are raised by single mothers which makes it more difficult to raise them, as they are lacking a fatherly figure.

I resent the modern man for neglecting the boy child. I feel that we, the ones who got there first,  are responsible for the younger ones. But, whenever I have a chat with my colleague male friends about mentoring and nurturing the talents of the boy child, they are more or less likely to give me this blank look. This look only changes if the topic itself changes to something that has to do with beer, football or gadgets. They rather dismiss me for a softie and, worst case scenario, say I’m wasting my time and money. A few have the grace to admit they should be doing it, but do nothing about it.

We need to be mindful of the social justice for the boy child especially in the affected countries by coming up with the necessary measures to curb the above challenges faced by our boys. There is need for child-centered initiatives such as mentorship, hygiene and rehabilitation programs.

In the meantime, you will agree with me that the boy child just like the girl, needs to be encouraged to become the best in what he could be good at.  Boys also need a good and decent education in order to thrive well in school. That is what will add significance to the establishment of humanity, as each child pursues what they would want in life. Let us be guided by Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom to the effect that “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Written by: Humphrey Musila


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