The Closest We Can Get To An Explanation Of Human Rights

half of us turn the blind eye to human rights, and the other half fights for human rights yet they do not really know the articles of the human rights or they do not take into consideration that The Human Rights Declaration was all set in the western side of the world and there are many conflicts that arise from this situation.

Human Rights have been used as an excuse for countries deemed “powerful” to occupy countries or attack them, the excuse being “protecting human rights” which sounds like hypocrisy to me, the word attack and occupy is mentioned, people are killed and chaos is everywhere. I cannot recall one time that an occupation or an attack has solved the issues, but it actually destroyed countries or worsen the situation to say the least.

I mean look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen which are countries ruined by American military intervention “because they had to protect human rights”.

Another aspect is that cultures are very different and topics such as abortion and homosexuality can never be universal articles as long as they are linked closely with culture and religion. I have encountered people that said we should not have religion and wipe it off earth, I was not offended because I am a person of religion, but I was rather offended because culture and religion are like colours in this world, how can people be different without culture and religion? how can a rose be as beautiful if it was not red?

Now, we get it that the articles have been declared in the west and that can change with time if we all push the articles to be more universal and not serve as one point of view of the world.
But, let us talk about the articles we have now, who is actually following up on them? who is making sure they are being followed? should countries that don’t believe in some of the articles follow all of them? why has the USA taken the lead in taking care of it all?

This short video will try to explain what I have said in a simple way that I could not have waited anymore to share.

Almustafa M. Khalid



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