“When I grow up, I will be a pilot”. “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” Do you remember these lines? These are very common lines that most of us might have recited sometime during our childhood. We had very big dreams at a stage when we were less informed and far from experienced.
What could be the reason behind all of those lofty dreams even at such tender ages? It was, and continues to be nothing short of a DESIRE; the longing, drive, enthusiasm, obsession, and willpower to be greater and better people.
The challenge with many of us is not the failure to desire for one thing or the other. After all we all desire to live in a big house, go on a vacation around the world, build very successful businesses etc. The greatest challenge is the requirements our desires place on us. Every desire to have something, or be someone comes with a price. They require prerequisites. What are some of them? Let’s take a look.

1. Dream
There’s no desire without a dream; and no dream can be achieved without a desire. They’re two sides of the same coin. Before any dream can be made manifest, the drive to achieve must be greater than any resistance whatsoever.
No wonder Bill Cosby, the American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist once said, “In order to succeed, your DESIRE for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”
Without a strong, burning, and relentless desire, not even the smallest dream can become a reality. Before you dream, desire! While you desire, dream!

2. Effort
It is amazing how many of us want to see our desires come true without effort. No wonder many a youth have now resorted to very quick and often illegal schemes to becoming rich. What we see to be overnight successes are embedded with sleepless nights, disappointments, delays, failures, and so on and so forth.
Despite the setbacks, a relentless effort coupled with efficiency and effectiveness will see that desire made manifest. Someone once said, “Hard work breaks no bones”, and I couldn’t agree any more. There’s nothing like an overnight success. Good success comes with great effort!

3. Sustainable
At every point in time we start a project – big or small. We begin something that we had long dreamt of. The greatest challenge to me, contrary to what most people believe, is not in the start-up of a project. After all anyone can start a business or any other venture. The greatest challenge to me is the ability to sustain or even increase one’s desire after the project has taken off.
In my opinion, the greatest failures are not only those who never get to start something; but also those who start and end mid-way. Of what relevance would it be to see an athlete start a marathon, and then give up before the finish line? Don’t just start a thing, sustain your effort and desire, and see it to full fruition.

4. Intent
What is a desire without an intent or vision? What can you possibly desire without having a pre-conceived mental picture? There’s absolutely no desire without intent!
It is like being on board a bus without knowing where exactly it is bound. Sadly, most of us live this way. We only live as the days unfold without a well-defined mental picture of what we want. We accept anything life throws at us without demanding what we want.
Don’t just live through the days like a wanderer. Be “intentful”!

5. Resolute
If there’s any truth you should ever come to terms with, it is this; NOTHING COMES CHEAP.
In your bid to achieve, there are going to be tough times, roadblocks, stops, delays, disappointments, failures, etc. Unfortunately, this is where most of us end our journey to success. We easily give up in the face of adversity and say, “It is not God’s will for me.” Who says God will ever grant you your desires on a silver platter?
Just remember the Israelites! He could have given them the land of Canaan on a silver platter, but to teach us to be resolute; He ensured that they fought a long string of battles. Even while in the land, they still had enemies to contend with.
Every success story is impregnated with strings of failure. Failure is no indication of impossibility, but a green light to fight one more time.
6. Excellence
Why excellence? There’s no need to desire greatness if you have no drive to do things differently and better. If your desire is to be like the man or woman next door, then there’s no need. Why? It’s simple, because there’s one of such man or woman. You only end up becoming a carbon copy.
No desire is worth fighting for until we’re ready to eschew mediocrity, think outside the box, and introduce innovation and creativity. Whatsoever you desire, dare to be different! It could be going just a centimetre beyond the status quo. When you’re excellence-minded, recognition will take care of itself.
We all have a desire to achieve. Don’t kill your desire. Like a seed, nurse it until it becomes a plant, then a tree, and then a forest; you’ll be glad you did.

By: Jonathan Adzokpe



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