The Easy Million Dollars

The famous million- that is the dream. One million dollars. It would make life so much easier. No more worries about the basic necessities, but rather the ability to afford some expensive dreams. You must have wondered as well at one point, what should that notorious million be used for? Many of us may have a very precise idea, many of us do not. There are the ones that plan to travel, others wanting to buy a house, a car, pay off loans or give money to charity.

As it is so easy to spend money, more attention should be paid to what not to do with it. I know a few cases where winners of the show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ were left just as they started off after spending their money quickly on loads of different things with no long-term value. The sudden treasure may obscure what really matters. The day that the money is gone, that supercar will be useless. How should the maintenance or the sole fuel be paid? It will be a quite temporarily limited pleasure. In the end, the long-term value is what matters.

If you are a charitable person, invest the money on a project that will yield long-term fruit and make sure by knowing the project or foundation perfectly. If you wish to secure your own or your family’s lives, watch out not to act in the heat of the moment and do not invest in things you will not be able to afford in the future.

Spending a Million is very easy, but getting a Million is very hard. This makes it a one time opportunity in life if anyone ever makes a Million. Of course some may argue that winning a Million in the lottery is very different from working hard for it. If you are one of those working hard for your first Million, it will be different. Not to discriminate, but going through the toughness of earning that one Million will have taken you through so much experience that when the first Million is made, it will not be celebrated with a lot of jumping and hyper-overexcited reactions instead, it might be celebrated with a nice expensive dinner with a close person or family. On the other hand, this written piece is a hypothetical one, and is based on the utopian idea of gaining a Million out of nowhere. This would cause an emotional reaction and we all know how emotional reactions are often misjudged and miscalculated.

Anyways, I believe that our generation has a very down-to-earth view on the earthly things such as money. We all dream, but the interconnected world has made us aware of so many pitfalls that we have acquired some indispensable modesty which will lead to a more judged and more calculated decisions that will not only benefit the individual, but society at large.

So be prepared! The day that those one million dollars fall from the sky nothing might ever be as it was ever again…

What will you do with your Million?


Almustafa Mahmoud Khalid and Svea Freiberg
#Team Skies

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