The fast and the furious: Dubai Police Edition

Well, many of us have seen how Police departments in some countries brought in Lamborghini to help them out in chasing speeding offenders.
But, I think that Dubai is taking it to a whole new level… First, they are going to make a VIP Lane on a highway and that is Sheikh Zaid Highway to be precise.
And now they are introducing all different types of super or luxurious cars and I am going to show you the evolution of the police cars in Dubai.

1- Dodge Charger. They started improving their old police cars by introducing these American Muscle beasts for some hammering.

2- BMW 5 Series. Then they probably thought… but, we need German cars (Arabs like German car makers… trust me!!!) and yea, who wouldn’t want one of these.

3- The Lamborghini Aventador. the Bull is my favourite just because I think it is a jet not really car… but then you think they will probably stop here no car is going to take an Aventador in a hot pursuit.

4- The Ferrari FF. this was introduced at the same time along with the Aventador… then you ask why?… they have a legit answer “What other car will our PoliceWOMEN drive?”
then, you are like yea, sure.

5- The Mercedes SLS. Niceeee, they introduced a super sport luxury into the collection… but, man!!! how much are they spending?

6- Chevrolet Camaro. I am guessing we will see this one a lot. Chevrolet-Camaro-SS-Dubai-Police-Car-front-three-quarters-view1

7- Austin Martin One-77 is quite a rare car… I am not sure how many they will buy of those… worst case scenario, they will just buy Aston Martin the company instead. haha dubai-police-supercar-fleet-looks-awesome-video-59067_1


8- Bentley GTR. Are you for real now? A bentley as a Police car… maybe someone should tell them to stop?

9- Mercedes SLK, Nissan GTR and Audi R8… all introduced on the same day in some kind of a car show. are they just going to have 1 of each or what? man, there must be a lot of people speeding in Dubai!!! dubai-police-adds-audi-r8-mercedes-sl63-amg-and-nissan-gt-r-medium_1



10- Bugatti Veyron… you know, I always wanted to be a Policeman *Wink Wink* bugatti-veyron-dubai-police-car

11- BMW M6 (front) & Ford Mustang (back) are what I believe the new amateur Policemen cars instead of the now “old” BMW 5 Series. dubai-police-adds-to_600x0w

12- Mercedes G Class BRABUS. Okay, maybe they want the criminal to feel getting hammered by 4×4 like this one isn’t so bad after all. ku-xlarge (1)


I booked my one-way flight to Dubai, because I want to pursue my dream of becoming a Policeman and protect the people of the Emirates.
And this will also help the manufacturers get out of debt hahaha
Almustafa M. Khalid



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