The Game Testing Your Humanity [VIDEO]

I was never a big fan of video games. However, I do have many friends who enjoy spending (considerable amounts of) time playing various games, so this allowed me to get some insights into the video gaming industry. I’ve even tried to play once or twice, but I wasn’t necessarily a pro, so I gave up quickly.

Now. I do like car games, animations, fighting (Mortal Kombat is my all-time guilty pleasure) and even an occasional FIFA is well received. What I am not attracted to, and I will probably never be, are the war video games. I actually never understood them, but as I can see, they are quite popular and always on the rise. So, if the whole concept of war  wasn’t bad enough, there are actually many video games that get you ‘involved’ with war – you do the killing, the bombing, the shooting. I really can’t see how doing this can give one pleasure, but I am not here to judge.

I actually want to highlight the fact that two years ago, a video game called ‘This War of Mine’ was coming out. It aims to reveal the hidden face of war and instead of getting the player to kill, it puts them in the shoes of the civilian victims. Players have to make morally complex decisions in order to survive, and get to see how absurd and inhumane war is.

The video game aims to raise awareness on the other side of war, usually neglected in this industry. But, did we really get to the point where we have to play a video game in order to see the sad truth about the world we live in? Hopefully, one day, there will be no war, nor any games about it.

Ioana-Alexandra Tache


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