The Greatest, Muhammad Ali Jr, Dies At 74

Muhammad Ali Jr, entered the hospital on life support a day ago and died on Friday, June 3rd.

The Ali family spokes person Bob Gullen, confirmed his death.

Muhammad Ali was a new innovation in boxing, he brought something new and different to the classy yet ruthless fighting sport. He was fast, agile and dancing his way through in the ring. Definitely the most important sportsperson of the 20th century. He was three times heavy weight champion and he put his performance where he put his word. He called himself the greatest before anyone else. Now, without a doubt, he dies the greatest.

More importantly that just being the greatest sportsperson of the 20th century, he was the people’s champ. A man of principles in an age where there is a lack of principle and humanity. He stood against the Vietnam war and did not serve his country in the war when he was drafted as a soldier. He was arrested, his belt and boxing license where stripped from him and he stood by his word even when this was during his peak performance age.

He converted to the religion of Islam by choice, and he fought hard to change the false image of Islam that media shares, and he definitely affected many people and helped them change their minds about his religion. He used what he learned from his new religion to fight for human rights and most importantly black people’s rights in the United States.

Muhammad Ali Jr Clay, lived as the greatest and died the greatest. The man of principles died, but his principles did not. It is time for history to carve his name on the stones.

Almustafa Mahmoud Khalid


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