The Important Parenting Advice From Your Children

Many parents feel obliged to shelter their kids. To keep them away from the evil of the world, to keep tabs on them, to make sure they are not venturing off into the wrong direction, to make sure that they follow the rules set out to keep them away from anything ‘incorrect’. Often, in these modern times, parents are imposing a lot of restrictions on their children so that they  keep their children ‘in line’. However, often they do not understand how this can negatively impact the children.

Research shows that children from strict parents tend to be the most rebellious due to them having faced such oppression. Think of it like a spring; the more you push it down the more momentum it gains and when it refuses to be pushed down further it springs up with twice the force you exerted on it while pushing it down. Take it from the spring who is still in the stage of being pushed downwards “It feels like you there is so much weight on you, in terms of restrictions, that you just have to find a way to relieve yourself of that burden.”

Sometimes children may understand the reason behind all the rules and regulations. They may understand why you want them back home by 10.30pm, and why you have to ask before you go out. They may understand why you want their schedules and why you want to track everywhere they go and what they do. But sometimes they will still just want you to stop.

It may be care and love from your side, however, it may seem the complete opposite. You need to allow your children to take the falls and experience the ‘big bad world’ because if not, they will never learn how to compete in it and how to deal with it. If, God forbid, you do end up not being there with them, they may never be able to succeed in keeping the ‘evil’ away from them.

At first glance, it may seem silly to take parenting advice from your children, but sometimes it is helpful for both parts to consider this.

Aashi Morakhiya

Featured image rights go to Elsa11/FlickRiver.


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