The Lost Wonders of the Middle East

Conflict in the Middle East has had a horrible toll on beautiful buildings, tourism and the once joyful areas. People have been fleeing the conflict country and bombs have completely shattered the place. It seems that people have started to forget the beautiful travel experience that these countries had to offer once upon a time. So here is a list of 5 places in the Middle East that really caught my eye. This is to remind you guys that before deaths and bombings of people and places, there was a beauty that has now been destroyed or forgotten.

Remains of the historic Temple of Bel, dating back to 32AD. © Joseph Eid / AFP
Remains of the historic Temple of Bel, dating back to 32AD | © Joseph Eid / AFP

The Temple of Bel – Palmyra Syria
Palmyra is a historic city that can be traced back to the first century. It is a city in the middle of the Syrian Desert that was a place of rest for travelers. One of its most beautiful monuments is the Temple of Bal which was originally built as a place of worship where sacrificial offering was done on a regular basis. However, throughout centuries, it transformed into a Byzantine Temple, a mosque and then finally a fortress for the Arabic and Byzantine warriors/ defenders. If you have more time in Palmyra, also check out the Valley of Tombs and the Arab Castle.

Jeitta Grotto | via
Jeitta Grotto | via

Jeita Grotto – Jeita, Lebanon
A few years ago, this breathtaking place was going to become one of the wonders of the world. It is a limestone cave with beautiful clear water and something that is sure to take your breath away. However, taking photos inside this cave is illegal, the tour guides are not that bothered. If you do manage to get a photo here, let me guarantee an amazing display picture for any of your social media accounts.

Basrah, Iraq
Basrah, Iraq

Basra – Basra, Iraq
Before the terrible bombings in Iraq, this place was regarding as the Venice of the East. Beautiful boats along the river, lush gardens and clean lagoons screamed relaxation in a very calm way. Unfortunately, not much of it is left to enjoy anymore.

Sunrise in Karnak Temple, Egypt | via GetInTravel
Sunrise in Karnak Temple, Egypt | via GetInTravel

Karnak and Luxor Temples, Egypt
These are amongst the largest temples on the planet. They use to accommodate lots of religious sites, sanctuaries and sphinx. The most beautiful site here is the Temple of Amun-Ra with the Greate Hypostyle Hall. Each pillar in this hall is 69 feet tall and carved with intricate designs.

Socotra Sand Dunes | Michael Melford/ National Geographic
Socotra Sand Dunes | Michael Melford/ National Geographic

Sand Dunes – Socotra Island, Yemen
Beautiful Architectural sand dunes in all their majestic glory sit under clear blue skies – there really isn’t much else to say about this.

Aashi Morakhiya

Featured image via Joseph Eid/AFP.


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