The NOT So Glamorous Part of Long-Term Travel

Let me be honest.

Long term travel can be a lot more challenging than a short-term vacation/holiday can ever be. It is not for everyone; it is not a two-weeks short escape that cures the mundane routine you have in life. The reality sometimes is scary as hell because of being in such constant uncertainty for the unknown future, not having a constant home to go back to after a long day, a stable income, comforting people that you can always talk to, WiFi connection that we rely on so much and surprisingly, the Nomad travel lifestyle routine.

The definition of my responsibility is now shifted. The fact that I am traveling does not mean that I no longer have responsibilities. The truth is, on daily basis, I have to carefully consider what/where to eat, keep thinking and finding ways to practically fund my travel, keeping cost to minimum (which includes choosing activities that will not affect my expenses on the long term), or any kind of decision that will help me stay on the low budget. It’s just that the decisions are different from how it used to be, but indeed these decisions now have real consequences. Being on the road needs meticulous planning on how you simply make the best out of your day, organising everything and arranging it while keeping in mind everything that comes with it. Sometimes, it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

From Syifa's travels: A vietnamese market
From Syifa’s travels: A vietnamese market

Do I regret my decision to travel long-term? 

Now that I am in my 3rd month of the travel, I would say perhaps, because sometimes it is so much easier to have predicted your day and live a determined life with 9-5 job.

But do I want to give up now?

No. I still want to push myself harder. I am currently struggling to feel inspired, motivated, or even to feel good about myself, and I am constantly anxious. Just like any other normal human being. I am just being honest. Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything to you, but perhaps someone out there reading this will understand that everyone is also going through their struggle/battle or whatever it may be, in different forms. You are not alone.

Do I sound a confused person by writing this?

Maybe. All the above are very real parts of the adventure that comes along with being a long-term traveler. Adventure is personal, and it does not always have to be adrenaline-rush type of  activities. Travel is indeed full of surprises and challenges, but the fact that I am able to learn these invaluable lessons myself and have the privilege to choose to travel, I am simply grateful.

By Anissa Syifa Adriana
Guest Contributor


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