The Olympics and the Importance of Celebrating Diversity

It’s that time again, when the countries of the world come together and athletes, regardless of gender, race, religion, political view, can compete and show their talents to the world. The only problem that I have is that India has a bad reputation when it comes to sports. Yes, we rock at cricket (which is not even considered in the Olympics), and we’re fairly good at hockey, badminton, tennis and shooting. But it kind of hurt reading that Goldman Sachs projected India to earn only one gold medal. Guess what Goldman Sachs, we already got one!

Aside from rambling about India and sport, the Olympics this year has made large strides. Normally such strides of growth are measured in revenue, news coverage, the number of attendees…the list goes on. But this year, the Olympic Committee has grown in terms of diversity and has welcomed a refugee team. As the team walked out during the opening ceremony, they  received a gigantic roar and applause, and a lot of attention from press and media.

Despite the development of the world, racism is something that is getting harder to get rid of. Globalisation has allowed diversification of population in a place or city or region but people still can’t learn to accept culture and races.

For example, Hong Kong – being a global city – has a diverse array of ethnicities in terms of people, food and cultures. When I came here I immediately fell in love with this diversity and, what I thought was, an accepting culture for the diversity. However, the video I saw today while scrolling Facebook reallly disturbed me and so did the Chinese woman’s mentality. Here, have a look:

via Harmony Btd/Facebook

As explained in the video, the woman was fine until this black woman came and sat down next to her. It is honestly appalling to see such a mindset in the world – especially in a country that celebrates diversity. The concept of empathy, equality and harmonious living is one yet to be learned by many, many individuals around the world.

This is why, everyone should take notice of the Olympics’ diversity example that they have set. DIFFERENT is not BAD. Despite our skin color, ethnicity or religion, we are all still humans and that should be respected by all humans.

 Aashi Morakhiya

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