The Path To Solving Your Crisis Permanently


We all face crises in life every now and then. As long as we’re imperfect beings, our choices and decisions will plunge us into such happenings. But the real test comes if we should make temporal or permanent fixes to these crises.

Let me narrate to you an incident that happened one Saturday when I was getting ready to go on air to host Motivational Arena;

On the fateful day, I had dressed as usual and was poised to go on air. Of course I had loaded the radio software with my list of music and revising my notes while waiting for the signal from my producer to go on air.

Out of the blue my software closed on its own. I was a little surprised since it had never happened before. So I started the software again with barely two minutes to go on air. The time had come and I was given the signal to go on air. And before going on air I needed to click a button on the software to help me log into the main radio system. As soon as I did that, the software closed again.

“What? Not this time.” I said to myself. I was getting a little annoyed because I had posted on Facebook I was live on air and I knew my listeners would tune in. I then lodged a complaint to my producer while restarting the software.

My producer attested to the fact that he had suffered similar occurrences and the only solution was for me to uninstall the software and re-install it. I didn’t like the idea because I thought that would be time-consuming especially knowing my listeners were ready to hear my voice on air. I remember telling him, “I believe it will be fine. Let’s do that after the show.” He insisted on us doing it before going on air.

I had to give up on my stance and go by his. So quickly I uninstalled the program and re-installed it. I then entered some codes. The whole process took about fifteen minutes. After these, I went on air about twenty minutes later than I was expected to. The show, even though was started later and I felt I had disappointed my listeners by not coming on air on time, lived up to expectation.

You may be asking where I’m leading you to, but we’re going somewhere.

Life’s crises would always expect “fixes”. You either make temporal or permanent “fixes”. It’s like having a house which develops cracks. You have two options; get some mortar and plaster the places with the cracks or break the whole area with the cracks and do a thorough job. The later would surely be time-consuming, expensive and painful. The former is quick and cheap, but would not last.

Sometimes when we’re hit by crises, we’d rather make temporary fixes since we think that would be easier, faster and less time-consuming. But you see, that is never the way to go. I believe strongly if I went on air without doing as my producer instructed, the software would have closed again in the middle of the show. And that would have been more embarrassing and shown gross unprofessionalism.

Maybe you’re facing some crises of some sort as you read this article. You may be fighting some broken heart from a terminated relationship. Or you may be having a peculiar problem I have no idea of. Until you decide to squarely face the cause of that problem, you’ll be suffering from them every now and then.

Maybe it’s your attitude in your relationships. You’ve jumped from one relationship to the other and facing similar problems of break up. That could be indicative of a problem you’re bringing to the table and not your partners. Instead of concluding that your partners are the problem, why not make a more introspective search within to see what you’re bringing to the table that has led to the crisis.

Instead of blaming every other person for your woes, why not see within yourself to make a permanent fix to that problem. The issue here is, if you make temporal fixes to your problems, you may think all is well when it’s actually not. In such an instance, the problems will show their ugly heads in no time.

Your life would only get better if you get better by permanently fixing the root cause of your problem – that problem is inside of you. Stop the blame game to satisfy your conscience that you’re not responsible, that is a temporary fix to the problem. See to and fix yourself, that’s more permanent and could be time-consuming, but worth it.


This article was written by: Jonathan Adzokpe



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