Day II


This is the railway station from Copșa Mică, Romania, on December 30. We were coming from Sighișoara and were heading to Cluj, carrying our backpacks and trying not to chill to the bone in that snowstorm. Imagining at least a petite tavern where we could drink a warm mug of mulled wine, we asked the woman from the ticket office where could we go.

Still laughing at the man who tried to sell us in the train two kitsch plastic canvas with puppies, cats and parrots, all in one, we were walking along the road freezing and looking for a light in that dark and dense night. We first discovered a gas station from where we bought some food and continued to aim for a heated place.

We walked a few kilometres just to find out we were in the middle of nowhere, with the moon above our heads to guide us. So we decided to go back and spend the next hour in a room, in front of the ticket office.

I felt like I was trapped inside a movie frame, without a chance to escape. In that place there were only four dental round chairs and a recycle bin. On two of them two ten-years-old children wearing warm clothing were waiting to hear the train whistle. Using a ravaged baby stroller they went on the railway platform and carried something with it every time they heard the signal.

The last image I have in my mind is with the two of them, me and my friend, sitting on those four chairs, with our backpacks laid down in a corner, sharing pretzels and laughing out loud. From the beginning the kids were looking at us like we were some characters from Gulliver’s Travels. Around us there was a profound silence, the room was warm and the place looked like the time stopped there a very long time ago.

Should I mention the fact that nobody cared anymore about that warm mug of mulled wine? All because living life will always be more significant than imagining a life you will never live in the end.

Stay tuned and follow my stories on Independent Skies Magazine if you are curious to find out what happened during this adventure to Northern Romania.

To be continued…


Written by: Smaranda Rutzui




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