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The enemy inside myself that I will always fight.

There is as many bad habits to have as there are people on this planet. Or maybe even more. We all have our tics and whims. Yet there is one particularly interesting among them. This is because many of us regularly fall victim to it. It belongs to one of the meanest, and we all know it well: procrastination.

A bad habit is a behavior or a repeated action that we usually unconsciously adopt over time that either has negative consequences for ourselves or for people affected by our behavior.The reason why I will claim that procrastination is one of the worst bad habits is quite simple: Procrastination keeps us from getting rid of all those bad habits we have, making it the most difficult to fight.

You say ‘I will stop smoking tomorrow’. The next day you say ‘This is the last cigarette I will ever have’. And so the story goes. In most cases we are well aware of the defects that we have. Those things about ourselves that we do not like. I know that I am a very impatient person. Nevertheless I often catch myself getting annoyed way too easily when things do not work out perfectly straight away. I end up being in a bad mood about things I cannot influence and later on I ask myself why I put myself in that unpleasing state, knowing the mood is a ‘homemade problem’.

It takes effort. It takes some suffering. But in the end we know that getting rid of those bad behavioral patterns we have will be very rewarding. If I managed to stop being that impatient, first of all I would no longer cause myself those negative moods and people around me would not have to bear my inappropriately harsh tone that I always feel very sorry for afterwards.

Awareness of a bad habit does not suffice. That is exactly when procrastination sets in. We promise ourselves to change our ways- just not yet. Just a little bit later. But it is a pity that we are not using the strengths nature equipped us with: the will to move on forward and striving for improvement.
Life is dull, colorless and plain if we let our bad habits reign us. And there is no room for procrastination. If you know you can change for the better, do it now.

Naturally human beings are no machines. We will always have our defects and we will always struggle. Life is never easy. Accepting our personal failures is a crucial element of self-reflection and the decision-making process. Is that habit really a problem? Is it fundamentally impacting your life? If not, quit wasting your thoughts on them and tackle the things that really matter.
I know that I will never stop procrastinating. When it comes to exams I only begin studying last minute. Even so, with every exam I take, I improve a bit. Whether it is following up well throughout the semester in order to reduce the final study load or allowing myself to indulge in nice things even during study periods but then going back to work with all energies restored.

What counts in the end is that you can look at yourself in the mirror able to say ‘I am a self-determined person and I am never stopping to become exactly who I want to be.’


Svea Freiberg



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