Hello 2017.

Hello Donald Trump.

A reality desired by some and feared by others, creating a lot of buzz and opinions. Our first issue of the new year puts a special focus on some out of the ordinary views on the implications of the rise of Donald Trump to the leader of the United States.

At this point we would like to welcome PAUL LORHO to the team of monthly writers, who will keep on challenging our world views with his articles!

To spice things up a bit, we have same practical advice for you on skills that are absolutely indispensable in your personal and work life, we introduce to you the “11 days of amazing” in Grahamstown, South Africa and finally challenge the current status of many education systems around the globe.

All the best new year’s wishes to our loyal readers from the ISM team.

Have a good read and keep on questioning.

Articles by Zena Alhiti, Svea Freiberg, Paul Lorho, Almustafa Mahmoud, Madison Melton

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