This SHOCKING video, Knows Your Destiny

Okay, this video gave me the chills about how I live my life and all the loved ones around me.
I honestly couldn’t agree more with this man about how separated we are because of all these new technologies that keep us away from actually being with each other.

I remember when I was living in Iraq and I was encouraged by my parents to go out and play street football (which I miss dearly) and now, I look at my younger sister that owns an iPod that I gave her before moving to Uni life, and how engaged she is with it because of me. 
Now, I regret that in some ways and I am definitely going to help my parents raise her up in a way that makes her a social person. Because, whatever these social medias are called, they are in fact unsocial (before, you had to see a friend to tell them something important, and now you send a message that says “seen” 2 hours ago).

I am not telling you to stop using these devices and medias, but just make sure we do not end up in a world where everybody lives alone.

Please do watch and share this valuable video!!!

Almustafa M. Khalid



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