This Woman Will Never Find Better Friends

Well, I am this type of person that says you can never buy or search for the important things in life, such as love and friendship.

It is quite ironic how I found this video at this point in time, for I was thinking of my huge group of friends from all over the world and what my father told me on his last visit “It is hard to make a real friend in your generation, mainly due to globalization and how much we all move around the world now. There are 3 people I consider friends, and only one of them is a friend from college, because the other two were my friends since we were in primary school.” keeps playing in my mind, and I do believe it is true.

I have made a lot of friends, and best friends too, but, whenever I move somewhere else it seems that it is very hard to maintain the friendship and things change quite a little… (to all my friends reading this, I love you all even if you don’t skype me haha)

Anyway, this woman seems like she had found herself a few women that she should never ever hurt till her last day.
I do not intend to spoil the extremely emotional video for you guys, so please do watch and share if you dropped a tear 🙂

Almustafa M. Khalid



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